How much it would cost to get an ESA letter?

Everyone has a right to live a life that is free from emotional and psychological stress. Apart from the medical and health care, emotional support animals are also considered as an easier and natural way to treat mentally disabled people. These animal pets seem to provide cure from stress, depression and panic attacks. However, living or traveling with these pets might need legal documentation. For this purpose, an individual needs to qualify for an ESA.

How to qualify for an ESA letter?

A mentally disabled person has to get a letter from a licensed mental expert. This letter would indicate the entity as a recognized mental patient who needs an ESA for getting the maximum health benefits. For the qualification of being a mentally disabled person, an individual has to choose one of the two options.

The first option will require a personal consultation with the doctor; however, it is inconvenient for some people to see a doctor. In such cases, a person can just fill out an online questionnaire. Additionally, your responses will be analyzed by the medical counselor and you will be able to receive a certified ESA letter. Moreover, it hardly takes less than 48 hours to get an ESA letter.

Most of the people prefer to have a dog as their support animal companion. Therefore, they will receive an emotional support dog letter if qualifies as an emotionally unstable person.

Cost of an ESA letter?

The pricing plan for ESA letters usually differs from company to company. Similarly, some companies also demand additional payments on availing housing and traveling facilities with your animal pet. Nevertheless, your fee guarantees the submission and review of your evaluation form from a qualified mental health professional. 

On the other hand, there is no registration fee for the pet to certify as an ESA. If you have several ESAs helping you with support and recovery, the counselor authorizing the ESA Letter will cover each of them under the letter.

Lastly, if you are going towards getting a cheap ESA letter, beware of the online scams and illegitimate websites. If any of the red flags do not show your card’s information it clearly indicates that the letter lacks professional letterhead and is not written by a licensed mental health provider.

Therefore, despite considering an ESA letter with low cost, consider a certified one.