Topics to write essay

Here are some amazing ideas for you to write compare and contrast essay for essay writer. Dive in and choose your favorite.

Compare and contrast essay ideas on Fashion

  1. Fashion vs. traditions

  2. Kylie Cosmetics vs. Kim Kardashian West Cosmetics

  3. Winter fashion Vs. Summer Fashion 

  4. What are the differences between the designs of Chanel and Versace? 

  1. Kylie Jenner vs. Kendal Jenner: Who wears the best? 

Compare and contrast essay ideas on Science 

  1. Organic chemistry vs. Inorganic chemistry

  1. Global Warming vs. Human activities 

  2. Difference between sun and stars

  3. Rings of Saturn Now and Then 

  4. Difference between Rutherford atomic theory and Bohr’s atomic theory 

Compare and contrast essay ideas on Psychology

  1. Difference between positive and negative perspectives of human beings

  1. Human mind before and after having PTSD 

  2. Mental health before and after therapy

  3. Human Will Power vs. Anxiety 

  4. Past of bullies and their present: what brings changes in behavior

Compare and contrast essay ideas on Technology 

  1. The world with and without technology.

  2. Advantages and disadvantages of the advancement of technology. 

  3. PUBG vs. Fortnite: which one is better?

  4. Prince of Persia vs. Call of Duty: which one is better?

  5. Present vs. future of technology.

Compare and contrast essay ideas on Geology.

1- Earth today vs. Earth 300 years before

2- Ratio of plants in the past vs. Ratio of plants today

3- How will the future of the planet earth be different? 

4- What changes global warming has brought to this planet?
5- Floods vs. droughts: which one is the worst?


Compare and contrast essay ideas on Literature 

  1. The literature of the future in contrast with the literature of the past

  2. Shakespeare's Othello vs. Hamlet

  3. Difference between the poetry of past and lyrics of today

  4. Short stories are written in the past vs. short stories written in today

  5. English of past and English of today 

How to write a compare and contrast essay? 
Compare and contrast essays are composed of multi paragraphs in which you discuss your chosen topic's similarities and differences. Always remember! In such type of essay, you will not start discussing the topic in detail, and you need to create a parallel between people or subjects and discuss their similarities and differences only.

In addition, to write a compare and contrast essay, you always need to follow the traditional format as mentioned below.

  1. Introduction

  2. Developing your argument 

  3. Rejecting the argument of the opponent

  4. Conclusion 

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Choose your favorite from topics as mentioned above and voila! Amaze your teacher with your creativity and smartness today. 

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